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This is the best new business startup idea ever!

  • Do I have a good idea?

  • What will it take to make it work?

  • Will my idea be successful?

  • How much money do I need to start and where will I get it?

  • How much money will I make?

  • How will I get customers?

  • What prices should I charge?

  • Where should I advertise and what should I say?

  • Should I incorporate?

  • Where the best place to locate my business?

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We have been assisting business owners and managers to start their businesses for more than 35 years.

We have been assiThinking about marketing strategies for start up businesssting businesses start up  owners and managers to accomplish their business and personal goals for more than thirty five years.  Our experience teaching start up and Entrepreneurship at the college level and working with small and medium size companies means we have answers to all your specific questions.

Just answer a few questions & we can determine your probability of success.

Once we learn about a few fundamental issues during a complimentary consultation you will be able to determine if our Business Start-Up Feasibility Analysis is the right next step.

It will determine the key elements of your idea and how (based on your talents and resources) you can achieve them.  You’ll have a clear idea of the outcome of your business concept including  targeting your best customers and if there are enough of them for you to make a profit.

All this information will construct your road map for success.

The old adage, “Plan your work and work your plan” provides sage perspective.

New businesses start up is the lifeblood of our modern economy and are almost the only way to create personal security, satisfaction, and wealth.

BCG is your source of relevant practical answers to all your business start-up questions.

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