If you’re ready to see if your business start up idea will work and want to learn successful marketing strategies for start up business – you’ve come to the right place.

This is the best new business startup idea ever!

We are frequently asked:

Do I have a good idea?

There are a few basic factors to consider in answering.

  • Is there unique and obvious value for the potential customers?
  • Does a large enough market exist to make the venture profitable?
  • Can the founder find enough capital to start and run it?
  • Does the founder and key employees’ possess the experience and talent necessary to run a successful venture?

How hard is it going to be?

  • A successful business start up requires a lot of effort in quite a few different areas.
  • Each of us has strengths and weaknesses and the ‘hard’ areas show up in our weaknesses.
  • There is also a vast difference between starting up and operating once opened.  This change of focus and activity can be ‘hard’ for many.

Will it be successful?

Our Business Start-Up Feasibility Analysis will provide an accurate and realistic appraisal of your business startup’s odds of success. The analysis will answer all your questions and show your strengths and your weaker areas that can be shored up to improve your odds.

I am continually amazed by the IMPORTANCE of the vision, energy and determination of the founder.

BCG is a vital resource to those with the vision, energy, and determination to succeed and are looking for guidance in terms of business start up basics and practices including.

We have been assisting business owners and managers with marketing strategies for start up businesses for more than 35 years.

We have been assiThinking about marketing strategies for start up businesssting businesses start up  owners and managers in Utah, Northern California, and Nevada to accomplish their business and personal goals for more than twenty five years.  Our experience teaching at the college level and working with small and medium size companies means we have answers to all your specific questions.

Once we learn about a few fundamental issues during a complimentary consultation you will be able to determine if our Business Start-Up Feasibility Analysis is the right next step.

It will determine the key elements of your idea and how, based on your talents and resources, you can achieve them including a clear idea of the outcome of your business concept and will suggest improvements and additions that will yield a better (less risky) result.

You will understand your best customers and if there are enough of them for you to make a profit and will indicate us how much money will be required for startup and to keep the doors open until you reach profitability.

We have been asWe are a new business startup consulting company offering advice on starting a business.sisting businesses start up  owners and managers in Utah, Northern California, and Nevada to accomplish their business and personal goals for more than thirty five years.  Our buisness experience and teaching business at the college level allows us to have answers to all your specific questions founded in the experience of others just like you.

The old adage, “Plan your work and work your plan” provides sage perspective.

New businesses start up is the lifeblood of our modern economy and are almost the only way to create personal security, satisfaction and wealth.

BCG is your source of relevant practical answers to all your business start-up questions.

If you are considering or have recently begun your new business you predictably have lots of questions.  Reserve a complimentary consultation now to start the process to bring your new business start-up idea to life!


Business Start-Up Feasibility Analysis Worksheet to see all the elements we consider in your analysis.
Compare your concept to an ideal or model business.
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