September 27, 2016 Bob Gruhler

Where and how can I get the $ I need?

Getting the money you need for a startup is at best, frustrating.  Conventional lenders will not loan on a good idea, only collateral and track record. Here are several ways you can get the money you need.  The source and amount of work/risk involved depends on the amount of money you will need.

If your needs are modest you can explore crowd funding such as Go Fund Me, personal loans from family and friends, and credit cards.

As your needs increase you may be able to obtain funding by participating in a Small Business Development Center program that when completed may generate funding.

With an adequate business plan there are non-conventional sources such as local/regional economic development agencies that may loan non bankable entities based on the background of the founders, a solid business plan and usually an economic development metric such as new jobs created.

Your choice of legal form also provides funding sources.

Partnerships are frequently formed to unite the original idea person with a believer who has access to the required capital

A legal form such as a Corporation or LLC allows the founders to varying degrees to solicit equity buy in from qualified investors/partners.

Forming a non-profit corporation opens up a vast array of funding possibilities from foundations (both large and small) but the formation process and grant application process creates a considerable short term barrier.