Describe your product/service identifying unique features and distinct characteristics
How is your product different/better than your competitors?
Why should customers buy from you?


Why do you think your customers buy from you vs. your competition?
What sets you apart from your competitors?


Describe your customers.
Do any of them share similar buying habits or other distinguishing
characteristics? (Target Market)

Compelling Offer

What do you want each specific group to do?
What will you say to get them to do it?

Promotional Choices

How will you effectively deliver your message? (ads, direct selling, e mail, social media….)?
How much should you spend, what themes, which media?
What measurable results should you expect?


What price do you charge?
What concessions are appropriate?
How does it compare with competitors (direct and indirect)?
How will your customers receive your price?
Is it adequate for you to make a profit?


Where can customers obtain your product/service?
Where do they expect to buy it


How many customers will do what you want multiplied by what you charge for your product/ service?
Or economic value of a none financial action ie, web site visit
What will your promotion plan cost?
Is it worth it?