October 5, 2016 Bob Gruhler

A Word to the Wise…

Every consulting engagement is a story, unique and personal.

But taken as a whole the stories provide a proverbial word to the wise.

  1. FOUNDERS ENERGY: Our experience has proven that any and all business start up, expansion and succession initiatives will run out of energy long before they run out of money. Regardless of the enthusiasm and optimism experienced during the dreaming and beginning stages of most projects the focus, determination and GRIT of the founder is the single most important element to a successful start-up or beginning.
  2. PLANNING pays off in many strategic ways but invariable those who understand and plan their endeavor will learn new things, never before thought of, that will make the end result far better positioned to succeed.
  3. WORKING AT YOUR OWN PACE is the only way to endure the ongoing challenges and exhilaration of your new initiative. If you give in to consultants, partners, bankers or potential customers you will soon find yourself back at #1, out of energy.
  4. Budgeting is the only way you can quantify your dreams and projections in order to ‘do the math’ and see if the income exceed the expenses. During the budgeting process you will find that you change many income projections which changes your strategic implementation.
  5. ADVERTISING is a structured process during which you learn about your very best customers (target market) and how to inform them of your unique solution to their desires. Any and all money spent must have specifically stated objectives by which to monitor and gauge success.

Take a peek at our favorite book Your Marketing Sucks to get more on this idea.