“Bob has been and continues to be an invaluable asset to New Hock Farm Catered Events. The project would not be where it is today…proved our projected market share and gave potential investors a complete vision of the project.”

Dave Newquist, CEO
New Hock Farm Catered Events


“I was skeptical at first. BCG helped me understand that good business principles can work anywhere. I am very pleased with the results.”

Kathryn Atkins
Writing World

“As a business owner exploring the possibility of opening a different business I sought help from Bob. He helped us to balance our excitement with the feasibility of the project helping us determine that despite our great ideas  this business could not generate the income the four partners require.”
Jef Inslee
Cartridge World

cartridge world

“I am impressed with Bob’s business knowledge. His organized approach keeps things on track. We are making changes that will make our business more efficient and profitable. I recommend his services to any business.”

Jerry I Laskey,O.D.
JL Optometry

“Bob has an amazing way of helping business owners achieve clarity and reach their unique business goals. Bob’s knowledge and expertise was key to my success in opening a new business and making it through the first five years!”

MaryKay Winterstein
Karma Psychic Boutique Chico


“If you have ever read “The E-Myth,” you will understand what he can do for a business. Bob is the living “E-Myth.” But, unlike the book you can ask questions specific questions.”

Greg Loe
Quality Water Specialists

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“I would recommend his services to anyone who needs solid business advice. He is my ultimate business Guru”

Debbie Pico, Natural Essence Advanced Health Spa

“BCG helped me evaluate an opportunity and saved me bundles…it wasn’t the right idea and I didn’t start it.”

Joyce Brown, Pre Paid Legal Services

“The results I received from working with Bob went far above my expectations. First he opened my eyes to options to expand my business then he helped to establish a framework for continued successes. This framework proved to be right on target – I have been meeting my goals.  So, though I have always loved my work as a life coach, I am now doubly pleased with it!

 Katherine Rubin Life Coach